What Are the Benefits of Sports Massage?

Sports massage can serve three distinct purposes: preparing for and recovering after an event, maintenance, and recovery from injury.

A pre-event massage can help heat the muscles, reduce excess muscle tension and create a sense of psychological readiness. A session scheduled up to two days prior to the event can serve these purposes. A post event massage can help lessen the effects of physical trauma, mainly by enhancing blood flow to the muscles, removing toxins such as lactic acid, and delivering oxygen and nutrients. This helps speed recovery.

Maintenance massage sessions scheduled regularly during training do much the same- relax and prepare the muscles for hard effort, and speed recovery afterward. By increasing the blood flow to the muscles, massage helps repair the small tears- microtraumas, which occur every time you do any strenuous physical activity and must be replaced with scar tissue. In addition, deep, rhythmic strokes can help bring existing scar tissue in line with muscle tissue, loosening stiffness and restriction.

If you do get injured, these same attributes of massage can help the damage heal more quickly and completly. Please remember, however, that massage is not intended to cure any injury. Your Massage Therapist will work closely with you to develope a strategy designed for your specific activities and your physical history.

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